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CL 100

Standard Accessories

  • Hydraulic wheel Turning attachment for Grinding wheel.
  • Control wheel with Flange.
  • One straight work rest blade hardened suitable for job
  • Coolant tank with Pump and piping.
  • Lubrication pump hand lever type with piping.
  • Grinding wheel with Flange.
  • Work Rest block for In-feed or through feed Grinding Job.
  • Turcite B slide way coating on both side.
  • Hydraulic power pack.
  • AC Variable frequency drive, Gearbox for control wheel.

Optional Accessories

  • Wheel balancing stand.
  • Additional Grinding wheel Flange.
  • Single axis CNC for auto Plunge cycle.
  • Carbide work rest blade for straight Grinding.
  • Magnetic coolant separator.


Description Unit CL-100
Grinding diameter range mm 3-100
Grinding wheel diameter mm 400
Grinding wheel width mm 150
Grinding wheel bore mm 228.5
Grinding wheel motor power hp 7.5
Regulating wheel diameter mm 250
Regulating wheel width mm 150
Regulating wheel bore mm 127
Regulating wheel speed range rpm 15-200
Hydraulic pump motor hp 1
Lubrication motor hp 0.25
Coolant motor hp 0.25
Machine Weight kg 2900


Machine Bed

The Machine bed is made of one piece close grained cast iron box structure design with optimum ribbing provides high static and
dynamic rigidity to the machine.

Grinding Wheelhead

The cantilever Grinding wheel spindle Head is fixed to the bed and is of sturdy design to ensure maximum Rigidity and smooth operation. Grinding wheel spindle is made of special alloy steel especially heat treated ground and lapped to achieve very high dimensional stability, accuracy and long life. Grinding wheel spindle runs in phosphorus bronze bush bearings. Drive from main motor to spindle is through V-belts and V-grooved pulleys.

Regulating Wheelhead

Regulating wheel spindle is made of specially heat treated ground and lapped. Regulating wheel spindle runs in phosphours bronze bush bearing to give high accuracy. Regulating wheel head is mounted on feed slide. Regulating wheel drive is means of AC variable drive, to get infinity variable speed of the regulating wheel o ensure optimum work speed. Regulation wheel head can be swivelled in vertical plane to give desired feed to the job. Regulating wheel head can also be swivelled in the horizontal Plane for rapid taper correction and Grinding of Taper jobs.

Infeed System

in feed is imparted to the Regulating wheel slide. In feed system comprises of precision feed screw which ensure high accuracy. Specially designed nut having backlash adjustment is provided.

Dressing Unit

Separate Hydraulic profile dressing units are provided for both the Grinding and regulating wheel. The dressing speeds are infinitely variable. Both the Grinding and Regulating wheel dresser can be swivelled by 5° on both sides.

Hydraulic/Electrical Unit

Hydraulic power pack units housed outside the machine for easy maintenance. All electrical mounted in a concise Panel Box. Centralized controls for operator’s convenience.


Centralized lubrication system is provided. Separate lubrication tank for Grinding wheel and Regulating wheel spindle lubrication with automatic shut off in case of lube system failure for Grinding wheel.

*Centerless Grinding machine Single axis CNC for auto plunge cycle will be quoted separately as
per the job, and requirement.

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